Take the Trail Builder Challenge

Take the Trail Builder Challenge—use your race to help raise funds for the Hennepin Canal State Trail! 

Our Hennepin Hundred partner, the tiny non-profit Trails for Illinois, is helping Hennepin corridor towns improve their connections to the trail, and teaching them how to use the trail to boost tourism and improve quality of life. Your run can be a part of their work!

It works like this: AFTER you register for the 2017 Hennepin Hundred, go to the Trail Builder Challenge page and sign up as a solo Trail Builder or a team. Set your fundraising goal. Then use our on-line tools to reach out to friends, family and co-workers to help you reach your goal and support the Hennepin Canal State Trail. Trails for Illinois is a 501c3 non-profit organization; donations are tax deductible.

Awards for Solo Fundraising:

  • Raise at least $250, and earn an exclusive, eco-friendly trail builder t-shirt
  • Raise at least $500, and you’ll also earn a FREE entry to the Hennepin Hundred which you can use for your 2017 race (we'll refund your entire race fee) or for a friend or family member...or save it and use it in 2018!
  • Raise at least $1000, and also receive a commemorative shovel, the handle laser engraved with the Hennepin Hundred logo and a name or phrase of your choice, honoring you as a runner AND a trail builder!

Awards for Team Fundraising:

  • Raise at least $750, and receive exclusive eco-friendly trail builder t-shirts for your team
  • Raise at least $1500, and you'll also earn one FREE relay team entry you can use for Hennepin Hundred 2017 (we'll refund your entire race fee) or in 2018

ALL the money—100%—that  you raise goes towards Trails for Illinois' work along the Hennepin Canal State Trail. THANK YOU for taking this extra step; it's a very ultra runner thing to do. :-)