Aid Station 10 & 11: Captain Laura Allman & David Krueger

Northern Illinois Ultrarunners

Aid station captains Laura Allman & David Krueger head up for the Rockford area ultrarunning club, Northern Illinois Ultrarunners. These two rockstar runners spend their weekends either supporting or participating in races. They have an experienced team that will be caring for the runners through these stations. This is also the 50 mile finish line!

Thank you Laura & David for your help! The ultra running community is a much better place because of people like you! 

Aid Station 7 & 14: Captain Jeremy Brizzi

The experienced team of Crush Multisport is very excited to be caring for runners at aid station 7 & 14! It has been so much fun getting to know Jeremy and his team. They have had a blast planning a great spread for all the runners! This station is filled with expertise and experience. They have 2 doctors on the site, and a nutritionist. This team will take great care of you.

Be sure to check out their very welcoming club!

Crush Multisport is Chicago's premiere all-inclusive endurance sports family.  Swim, Bike, Run, or Triathlon, we don't care what you do as long as you love to sweat!  Membership is free.  For more information, contact us at, via the website, or request membership via the Facebook lounge:


link to CRUSH MULTISPORT website

link to CRUSH MULTISPORT website

Aid Station 15: Captain Joe Gow

Thank you to captain Joe and his amazing team for caring for the runners at Aid station 15, mile 73 of the race. They have a bunch of fun surprises for you when you arrive! I don't want to give it all way. Know you have some great motivation to get there! 

We talked with Joe and asked him what inspired him to be Aid station captain. This was what he said: 

Joe Gow, Sandy, Scott, and Tina will welcome you to the Oasis at mile 73! 

Joe Gow, Sandy, Scott, and Tina will welcome you to the Oasis at mile 73! 

“I have always been amazed by race volunteers and can’t think of a time where I encountered a bad volunteer. I recently ran the North Country 50 mile race. It rained and poured and there were thunderstorms most of the race. At the 40 mile mark, I came into an aid station and it was flooded. The tent, tables, chairs and coolers were all sitting in water a foot deep! I really needed food and water but was afraid to ask for it. Two volunteers asked what I needed and I told them I could use a PB&J sandwich and my water bottle refilled. Both of them went into action right away and stood in the deep water making me a sandwich and filling my water bottle. They didn’t complain. They just smiled and said it was their pleasure to serve me. It was amazing.” Joe Gow