Aid Station 9 & 12: Captain Kathy Zolli

"Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town is a women-only running club. The official line is that MRTT is a running club for moms to support and motivate you in your running journey! It doesn't matter if you are a walker or a runner...someone who has never raced before or a marathoner...a mom to humans or a mom to pets...; we just want to surround you with like-minded women who have a passion for staying healthy!!

"The aid station is being manned by members of the Far North Suburban Chicago chapter and four members of our group are running the Hennepin Hundred! I've never run an ulta, but I've been to a handful and I love the atmosphere and the people. Add in that some of my own friends are running it and I wanted to get involved. Plus I really enjoy helping out at races. It's a way of paying back all the volunteers at the races I've run."

Thank you Kathy Zolli and crew!