Aid Station 7 & 14: Captain Jeremy Brizzi

The experienced team of Crush Multisport is very excited to be caring for runners at aid station 7 & 14! It has been so much fun getting to know Jeremy and his team. They have had a blast planning a great spread for all the runners! This station is filled with expertise and experience. They have 2 doctors on the site, and a nutritionist. This team will take great care of you.

Be sure to check out their very welcoming club!

Crush Multisport is Chicago's premiere all-inclusive endurance sports family.  Swim, Bike, Run, or Triathlon, we don't care what you do as long as you love to sweat!  Membership is free.  For more information, contact us at, via the website, or request membership via the Facebook lounge:


link to CRUSH MULTISPORT website

link to CRUSH MULTISPORT website