Relay Teams


Make completing—maybe winning—the Hennepin Hundred a team effort! We have two team options!


"Hennepin Mates"- 4 Person team running the Canal! 

This is a FUN NEW team event! Running legs are explained below. The race medal is being designed to be a canal ships steering wheel. The medal is split up in 4 pieces so the TEAMS medal connected together makes one BIG medal! We like BIG- COOL- SWAG so will work hard to get it just right!

"Hennepin Mates" Team categories- trophy for 1st in any of these

• Male Team
• Female Team
• Co-Ed Team
• Masters Team (all runners over 40)

Pick your TEAMS role: This list each persons title, and distances they will run.

Canal Captain- Bold enough to start the trek. More work than anyone

10.8 miles, 5.2 miles, 5.2 miles, 5.6 miles = 26.8 miles


Waterfront Wimp- Only mate who can't tackle 10 miles at once

8.2 miles, 3.2 miles, 6.6 miles, 6.9 miles = 24.9 miles


Scurvy Survivor- Overcome early adversity and see it through

13.1 miles, 5.2 miles, 5.7 miles= 24.0 miles


Hennepin Hero- Overcome the largest task, at the very end, thus making you a hero!

6.6 miles, 3.2 miles, 13.7 miles - 23.5 miles


Hennepin Mates running legs!

Leg One: Canal Captain- start line to aid station 2 / 10.8 miles

Leg Two: Waterfront Wimp- Aid station 2 to Aid station 4 / 8.2 miles

Leg Three: Scurvy Survivor- Aid station 4 to Aid station 7 / 13.1 miles

Leg Four: Hennepin Hero- Aid station 7 to Aid station 8 / 6.6 miles

Leg Five: Canal Captain- Aid station 9 to Aid station 10 / 5.2 miles

Leg Six: Wimp- Aid station 10 to aid station 11 / 5.2 miles

Leg Seven: Survivor- Aid station 11 to aid station 12 / 3.2 miles

Leg Eight: Hero- Aid station 12 to aid station 13 / 3.2 miles

Leg Nine: Captain- Aid station 13 to aid station 13 / 5.2 miles

Leg Ten: Wimp- Aid station 13 to aid station 14 / 6.6 miles

Leg Eleven: Survivor- Aid station 14 to aid station 15 / 5.7 miles

Leg Twelve: Hero-  Aid station 15 to 18 to / 13.7 miles

Leg Thirteen: Captain-  Aid station 18 to 19 / 5.6 miles

Final Leg: Wimp- Aid station 19 to Finish line! / 6.9 miles

The relay races features an accommodating 30-hour cutoff. Go to the Aid stations page to see where relay exchange areas are. We suggest entering these coordinates into your teams navigation device before the race. It makes it very easy to drive from one aid station to the next.

All runners on Hennepin mates 4 person team get a connecting medal- watch for big reveal of the NEW design!



5 person team- your choice!

- you pick the legs. Only rule is you need to exchange at the exchange areas listed on the aid station page


This category is for the 5 person team. Current Champions are the Rockford Coyotes! 

Get a team together to REPRESENT your running club! We have a SUPER COOL traveling trophy for the 1st overall running club! Every year we will add the winning team to the trophy every year! Sign up your club today! 

5 person relay teams get a beautiful Hennepin Bridge MEDAL,

plus you trophy if you you win in these categories:

• Male Team
• Female Team
• Co-Ed Team
• Masters Team (all runners over 40)
• Running club cup