My Name Really Is Stormy


Michele offered me the opportunity to do a little blog about myself and the Hennepin 100.

I loved this run so much last year, and consider myself amazingly lucky to call Michele a friend, that of course I jumped at the opportunity.

First things first:

Who I Am

My name is Stormy; yesโ€”it really is. I believe that we each get to define who we are, so:

  • I am an athlete. I have always had a natural ability in most sports. I played College basketball and used to high jump 6'5".
  • I am a Father and Husband. I have a wonderful wife and three daughters and one son & one grand daughter.
  • I am an Engineer by schooling, so English is not my strong suit. Please forgive me my grammar. 
  • I am a nerd by choice, and will talkcomics, superheroes, computers, videogames, you name it. 
  • I am a love. My ability to play other sports is fading rapidly, but my legs are still strong.

Why I Started Running

I was sitting there watching Biggest Loser, and the contestants had to run a marathon. I watched these people run 26.2 miles while I sat there eating ice cream out of the container. I was 6'2" and over 220 pounds.

I hear that is not bad, but please remember: I still compare myself
to my college basketball days when I had 10% bodyfat. Here I was with 20% bodyfat, and an empty carton of ice cream in my lap...and I didn't like it. I had already started running a little; I had worked all the way up to 5 miles. I decided that if those guys could do that distance, I could. And in September of 2012 I ran my first marathon.

Since then I have run 10 marathons. It took me six tries before I finally ran a sub-4 hour marathon, and I started thinking about BQ. But a close friend talked me into reaching for something more...