Trail running

Ultra Virgin

Ultra time...

Technically - I tried my first ultra run on Jan 11, 2014 - when I ran the Frozen Gnome 50k for the first time.  I had signed up to set a goal for myself to run all winter.  

I managed to get 30k (a little over 18 miles) done - and had to tap out - that Gnome kicked my butt!  

The all winter training however is what got me my sub 4 hour marathon in 2014. By the end of 2014, I was trying to determine which way I wanted to go - faster or farther..
in stepped my cousin's wife - Debi - who took me down the roads less traveled.  
She talked me into signing up for the Ice Age 50 mile trail run in 2015.  We also decided to run the Earth Day 50k - as a training run for that.  

Having never run further than 26.2 miles, and never run trails - I was signed up to do 2 trail ultras in 4 weeks (oh - and I had a marathon in between).  LOL.
Debi and I finished Earth Day together - and with that finish - I was an "UltraVirgin" no longer. That felt great.  
Then 3 weeks later - we ran 50 miles on the Ice Age trail - we had a blast - finished together again - and we both had gotten our first 50 miler done.

But - after that run - something weird happened to me.  After most runs - I was burned out - had used up most everything I had.  Somehow after Ice Age - I felt okay.
I normally won't eat anything after a run, except maybe a banana.  After this run - I went and got a couple of beers.  I felt great.  Like I had more in me..... 
Hmmmm.... I had told my wife on many occassions - I think this will just be a One and Done - deal.  I just want to try...
I think she has learned not to believe me.  

I decided that day - that I was going to sign up for the Hennepin 100.  Not only was it 100 miles - but unlike the last 2 Ultras - this one was flat.

Now - here is where I am an oddball, I like to run long flat straightaways.  I like to see miles and miles in front of me.  Most of my ultra friends
include Debi - have a Pocohauntus "Just Around the Riverbend" mentality.  They want short views - where they don't know whats coming - so they can get there
and find the next adventure.  I like to see a point miles off - and realize that I will be there in a little bit.  Like I said I am weird.

So - Hennepin was right in my wheelhouse.  

Tune in for more next week....

Earth Day 50k, Crystal Lake, IL