Earn that belt buckle & finisher Flannel (picture at bottom of page)! Big buckle for sub 24!

100 mile- 30 hours allowed to complete

Is this your first 100 milers? Then you will earn a "Ultra Virgin no more" ultra soft cherry pop t-shirt! Go get it! #popcherry

ultra virgin.jpg

100 mile solo

• Starts at 7am at Sinnissippi park , October 5th
• Pacers allowed to start at lock 17, Aid station # 10
• 1 pacer at a time (except from the below listed area)
• We have a spot near the finish line that friends & family can run your runner in. Limited parking. It would be ideal to be dropped off here. Link to area
• If you drop at anytime. Let aid station know or text RD 815-261-2667

• You are eligible for awards in the race you are signed up for.

• Bus service is race morning. You are picked up at the 100 mile finish line, and taken to the race starting line. That way you are at your car when you finish.

• Drop bags must be labeled with name/aid station/race you are entered in. The size should be no bigger than 18" X 12" x 10". That is the size of a normal gym bag. We will not be measuring your bag, but if it is obviously too large, we will not be able to deliver it and it will be left behind.

  • Crew is allowed only at aid stations marked Crew/Relay exchange allowed. This is for safety reasons. Please respect this, there is not safe parking at non crew aid stations. The one exception to going to these aid stations would be to pick up a runner unable to run any more. Be careful, watch for traffic if you must go to these locations.  

• Age group awards are 3 deep in 10 year AG spans

Help in getting your drop bag returned: When you leave each aid station during the race you need to put your drop bag in the return pile. Be sure to put your bag on the 100 mile return tarp so it goes to the correct finish line.

  • a volunteer will return bags to finish line after the aid station closes. You are welcome to pick up your drop bag at the station before that.

Military Discount- we offer a discount for anyone that has served. Contact us and we will send a coupon code.

• Super cool belt buckle for all finishers
• Prize money for breaking the course record
• Trophy for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall

• Finisher Flannel presented at the finish line

• Overall winners do not also win AG awards
• Have fun! Never give up on yourself, and you will get to the finish line!