Course Description: Flat & Fast

For a lot of people, the Hennepin Hundred is the best PR trail course in the Midwest & beyond. The surface is mainly rustic- it is dirt, chip and seal (which is a tar with rocks pressed into it), crushed limestone, and a scattering of areas that have been paved.

  • Average weather low 40° and average high is 60°

  • According to the month of October has a 6% chance of thunderstorm/rain. One of the lowest precipitation months of the year.

Race Photos are a great way to get familiar with the race course. Many runners will recommend wearing road shoes with gaiters.

Follow links in orange to see photos:

Mile 90 photos 2019

Scott Laudick Photography 2018

Scott Laudick Photography 2017

Scott Laudick Photography 2016

Scott Laudick Photography 2015

Except for a few blocks at the start in Sterling, Illinois, the course is on the Hennepin Canal State Trail. The race course makes a giant, 100 mile upside-down T shape. You can see it on the Aid Station map.  All racers run east a little at the bottom of the T;

  • the 50 milers finish at Lock 17 near Wyanet, Illinois.

  • while 100 milers run this section as a short out-and-back to continue west towards the finish in Colona, Illinois. 

The Start—The 100 mile solo/relay & 50 mile solo race start at 7 a.m. along the Rock River in Sinissippi Park, Sterling, Illinois. The night time 50k race has a 5 pm start from Aid station 7/15.

The Finish—100 mile and 50k racers in Colona, Illinois in front of the Colona Fire Department. The Fire Department welcomes runners in for a hot shower, sleep on a cot, or a change of clothes. Fifty mile racers finish at picturesque Lock 17 near Wyanet, Illinois.