1. Pacers allowed only in the 100 mile race.

  2. 100 mile runners can pick up a pacer at aid station 10 or any aid station after that where crew is allowed.

  3. No bike pacers.

  4. One pacer at a time, except for the final leg from aid station 20. We encourage you to run in with your friends and family here.

  5. Crew is allowed only at crew access aid stations. If crew comes to any other aid station it is to pick you up because you are dropping out of the race. Don’t let your crew make that decision for you.

  6. Contact aid station captain or text Michele if you are dropping. Give bib number and name. Michele’s cell: 815-261-2667

  7. If you are registered for the 100 mile race and drop at the 50 mile finish you are not eligible for overall or age group awards. We will have alternate 50 mile finisher awards available as a token to you running 50 miles.

  8. Do not litter. You will be disqualified if you throw trash on the ground. There is garbage cans at every aid station. If you produce garbage between aid stations carry your garbage until you get to a garbage can.

  9. We do not have a permit to allow dogs in the race as a runner or pacer.

Aid station captains can disqualify runners for breaking any of these rules.


We work hard to keep our race prices down. In order to keep our cost low, we have come up with this policy. Most of our race gear is ordered by mid July and deferrals cost the race quite a bit of money. Please follow these directions.

Defer by July 31st- 100% deferral to 2021 race-

  1. Send us an email letting us know you are deferring.

  2. Save the email, with the date on it.

  3. Then forward that email to us before registration opens for 2021. We will send a coupon code to register.

Defer between August 1st and September 15th- your option is to do 8 hours of assigned volunteer work for a full deferral. You can do this at either Hennepin Hundred or Kettle Moraine 100.

Deferral steps August 1st to September 15th.

  1. Send email that you are deferring and ask for volunteer position.

  2. Withdraw from race on ultrasignup.

  3. We will email you your volunteer assignment.

  4. Volunteer at your assigned spot. Have aid station captain write a note that you completed your 8 hours of volunteer assignment.

  5. Scan this note and email us. We will send you a coupon code to register

No Deferrals after September 15th

You can transfer your bib to another runner on ultrasignup until August 15th. No refunds.

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