Earn your 50 mile hardware! Big Medal, nice designed race shirt, & Ornery Mule Hoo-rag for all finishers!

50 mile: 15 hours allowed to complete
• Starts at 7 am at Sinnissippi Park
• No pacing
• If dropping at anytime let aid station captain know or text RD at 815-261-2667
• No Bike pacing

• Drop bags must be labeled with name/aid station/race you are entered in. The size should be no bigger than 24 X 14. That is the size of a normal gym bag. 
• Bus service is race morning. Bus leaves at 5:10 am from the 50 mile finish (Bus GPS coordinates: 41.3433699, -89.5573171) line to the race starting line. There is not bus service after the race.

Help us get your drop bag returned: When you leave each aid station during the race you need to put your drop bag in the return pile. Make sure you put your bag in the 50 mile return pile so it goes to the 50 mile finish line.

  • a volunteer will return bags to finish line after the aid station closes. You are welcome to pick up your drop bag at the station before that.

• Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall male & female
• Prize money for breaking the course record
• AG group awards are 3 deep, 10 year age groups
• Super cool Hennepin Bridge medal for all finishers