Ornery Mule race management- Ornery Mule Racing is a trail & ultra race management company. We are here to welcome and encourage you to get involved!

We give our runners great swag/medals, chip timed races, FUN well marked courses & amazing volunteers!

Ornery Mule Racing is about: - Kindness - Community - Giving back - Ordinary people doing epic things

We welcome anyone interested in trail running, volunteering, or trail building

Run Trails & Have Fun! We all have a passion for growing community, and making others feel welcomed and happy. Feel free to reach out to us with suggestions and ideas.

We hope you can join our little ultrarunning family as a runner or volunteer! We welcome everyone with a smile & a hug.

Be sure to check out all our races:

Photos by Scott Laudick- you can see pictures from other years races at his website. https://www.scottlaudickphotography.com/Sports