Aid Stations

AID STATION MAP- Crew tip- Learn how to use the gps coordinates to get from aid station to aid station. It makes getting around super simple!

Everything that is orange is a link. You will find links to maps, organizations, and twitter/facebook accounts for aid station captains that are posting updates.

Food: we have more food at the aid stations then listed here. We load stations up, and have always been told the food choices are really good. We listen to any suggestions so please send them our way. Thank you.


Aid station 4 (bathroom)

Aid station 7/14 (bathroom)

Aid station 8/13 (bathroom)

Aid station 10/11 (porta potty)

Aid station 15 (porta potty)

Aid station 18 (bathroom)

Aid station 19 (bathroom)


STARTING LINE- Race starts at 7am
Location: Sinnissippi Park, Sterling, IL
GPS coordinates: 41.796895, -89.656911   

*You can not leave your car at the starting line all day. They lock the gates and you will not be able to get to your car.

***Directions from starting line to aid station 2


Aid Station 1 / Stone Bridge Running

Stone Bridge Running is located at 107 S Hennepin Avenue (61.95 mi)
Dixon, Illinois 61021
. Stone Bridge running is near the starting line. It is a good place to stop for gear if you are staying in the Rock Falls/Sterling area.

Captain: Grace Crowe

Aid open: 7:30am–8:50am
Mile in race: 5.5
Location: Buel Road, Rock Falls
GPS coordinates: 41.745760, -89.708706

Tailwind, snacks, water



Aid Station 2 / Yeti Trail & Ultrarunners  

limited parking. Do not park where the no parking signs are.

Captain: Grace Crowe


Aid open: 8:05am–10:35am
Mile in race: 10.8
Tailwind, snacks, water

***Directions from aid station 2 to aid station 4


Aid Station 3 / The Incredibles

Limited parking. Do not park past where the No Parking signs are up. Make sure your car is as far off road as possible. Watch for cars, and be careful.

Captains: Beth Rademacher and team!
Aid open: 8:30am–11:50am
Mile in race: 14.9

Miles to
Location: Hahnaman Road, Tampico
GPS coordinates: 41.627802, -89.756988

Tailwind, snacks, water


Aid Station 4 / Bolingbrook Fun Run Club

Captain: Gladys Najar
Aid open: 8:55am–1:10pm
Mile in race: 20.4

Tailwind, Sandwiches, snacks, water

***Directions from aid station 4 to aid station 7


Aid station 5- Susan and Brian Smock- Quacktastic!

Who loves rubber ducks? We do! Worlds MOST Rubber Ducks at an Aid station ever! 

>>>Parking only on one side of the road. Respect the no parking signs. Keep wheels off the road.

Captain: Brian and Susan
Aid open: 9:15am–1:55pm
Mile in race: 23.1
Location: Route 9/2500N, Tampico
GPS coordinate: 41.511205, -89.766613

Tailwind, snacks, water

Level 2  


Aid Station 6 The Rockford Coyotes Running Club


Captain: Natalie Brunson
aid open: 9:40am–3:15pm
Mile in race: 27.3
Location: 410E and 425E, Sheffield
GPS coordinates: 41.457063, -89.778023  

Tailwind, snacks, water

Level 2


Aid Station 7-14 MUDD Ultrarunning Dudes & Dudettes

With Support from "Friends of the Hennepin Canal"

Race starting line for 50k runners

50k Race manager: Lauren Wills

Captain: Mike Farrington
Aid open: 9:40am–3:15am
Mile in race: 32.1 & Mile 67.3
Location: Lock 22, 1750N Park Split, Sheffield
GPS coordinates: 41.4008686, -89.7981585

Tailwind, soup, hot food, coffee, snacks, water

***Directions from aid station 7 to aid station 8

***Directions from aid station 14 to aid station 15


Aid Station 8-13 / Ten Junk Miles + Flatlanders

Captain: Flatlander team- Scott Kummer
Station open: 10:50am–1:15am
Mile in race: first time through 38.7 &  second time through mile 60.7
location: Hennepin State Park, Route 40, Sheffield
Gps coordinates: 41.384894, -89.699362

Tailwind, snacks, hot food, soup, water

***Directions from aid station 8 to aid station 9

***Directions from aid station 13 to aid station 14


Aid Station 9-12 / The world famous "MILF"

Captains: MILFs-Katherine Zolli
Station open: 11:25am–11:40pm
Mile in race: first time through is Mile 43.9 & second time through is Mile 55.5
Location: Lock 21, Route 6/34, Wyanet
GPS coordinates: 41.3645845, -89.606384

Tailwind, snacks, water

***Directions from aid station 9 to aid station 10

***Directions from aid station 12 to aid station 13


Aid Station 10-11

Hosted by multiple groups:

Yeti Trail and Ultrarunners and Stone Bridge Running (from Dixon)

Perry Memorial Hospital

50 mile finish line Manger: Antonio Romano

Captain: Grace Crowe & Laura Allman
Station open: 11:40am–10:45pm
Mile in race:  47.1 & Mile 52.3
Location: Lock 17, 1550E, Wyanet
GPS coordinates: 41.3433699, -89.5573171

*Race morning pick up for 50 mile runners to the starting line. There is not bus service back to starting line after the race. Bus leaves at 5:10 am


> 100 mile runners are allowed to pick up pacers at aid station 10. No pacers are allowed before aid station 10.

Tailwind, soup, coffee, snacks, water

***Directions from aid station 11 to aid station 12


Aid Station 15 / The Oasis
Captain: Joe Gow

Aid open: 3:30pm–4:55am
Mile in race: Mile 73
Location: Route 78, Annawan
GPS coordinates: 41.4090926, -89.9048984   

Tailwind, soup, coffee, snacks, water

***Directions from aid station 15 to aid station 18


Aid Station 16 / Henry County Sheriffs Patrol
Aid open: 4:05pm–6:25am
Mile in race: 78
Location: 2300th, Atkinson
GPS coordinates: 41.4398164, -89.991346

Tailwind, soup, coffee, snacks, water


Aid Station 17 / LCM Run Team

Captain: Andrew Scheele

Aid open: 4:35pm–7:40am
Mile in race: 82.1
Location: 1900th, Geneseo
GPS coordinates: 41.4543982, -90.0674163

Tailwind, soup, coffee, snacks, water


Aid Station 18 / Primo Running Club
Captain: Mathew Rivera 


Aid open: 5:10pm–9:15am
Mile in race: 86.7
Location: Lock 24, Grange Road, Geneseo
GPS coordinates: 41.475876, -90.141891

Tailwind, pancakes, sausage, coffee, snacks, water

***Directions from aid station 18 to aid station 19


Aid Station 19 / Quad Cities Trail & Ultra Runners
Captain: Jim Legare
Aid open: 5:50pm–11:15am
Mile in race: 93.1
Location: 900th, Geneseo
GPS coordinates: 41.4730959, -90.2622503

Tailwind, soup, coffee, snacks, water-----> Plus Jim's special treats

***Directions from aid station 19 to finish line


Aid Station 20 / Brandinberg Tavern
Captains: Ed Mayhew & John Swan
Aid open: 6:15pm–Noon (Sunday)
Mile in race: 96.5
Location: Green River Road, Geneseo
GPS coordinates: 41.4847947, -90.3225753

Tailwind, soup, coffee, snacks, water


100 Mile/50k Finish

Welcoming captain: Cheri Powell
Timbrook Field, Colona, IL
GPS coordinates: 41.4714369, -90.3892256

*Race morning bus pick up here to the starting line. There is not bus service back to starting line. Bus leaves at 5:10 am.

Colona Green Rock Legion is the Finish line sponsor. They are supplying a beers, mimosas, and homemade hot delicious food. 

Colona Fire Department puts up our finish line tent, sleeping cots, and showers to rinse of in. Thank you so much for your support!