Course Description: Flat & Fast

For a lot of people, the Hennepin Hundred is the best PR trail course in the Midwest & beyond. The surface is rustic- it is mainly dirt, chip and seal, or crushed limestone, with a scattering of areas that have been paved.

  • Average weather low 40° and average high is 60°

  • According to the month of October has a 6% chance of thunderstorm/rain. One of the lowest precipitation months of the year.

Except for a few blocks at the start in Sterling, Illinois, the course is on the Hennepin Canal State Trail. The race course makes a giant, 100 mile upside-down T shape. You can see it on the Aid Station map.  All racers run east a little at the bottom of the T;

  • the 50 milers finish at Lock 17 near Wyanet, Illinois.

  • while 100 milers run this section as a short out-and-back to continue west towards the finish in Colona, Illinois. 

The Start—The 100 mile solo/relay & 50 mile solo race start at 7 a.m. along the Rock River in Sinissippi Park, Sterling, Illinois. The night time 50k race has a 5 pm start from Aid station 7/14.

The Finish—100 mile racers, both solo and relay, finish near the Mississippi River at Timbrook Field, Colona, Illinois. Fifty mile racers finish at picturesque Lock 17 near Wyanet, Illinois.

Race Reports: Bibbz is a web app for sharing, searching and reading race reports. Useful tool for Hennepin or any other race you have on your calendar!